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Precautions for buying stainless steel hinges

Time:2022-05-27 00:00:00

A stainless steel hinge is a mechanical device that connects two solid bodies and allows relative rotation between them. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the following points when purchasing stainless steel hinges:

    1. Hinges are the most important and important hardware for cabinets and furniture;

    2. The price of hinges ranges from a few cents to tens of yuan, which is a "ten" item for furniture and cabinet upgrades;

    3. Stainless steel hinges are divided into ordinary hinges and damping hinges, and damping hinges are divided into built-in and external. Different hinges have different materials and processes.

    4. According to the position of the door panel and the side panel, there are three kinds of hinges: full cover, half cover and big bend. In actual use, if the cabinets are made by decoration workers, they are generally half-covered. There are many more full hinges;

    5. The purchase of stainless steel hinges depends on the material and feel; if economic conditions permit, hydraulic damping hinges should be selected, and external damping hinges should not be selected as much as possible, and there will be no damping after a period of time. When choosing a non-damping hinge, you don't have to stare at European brands, you can choose domestic brands.

    The above are the matters needing attention when purchasing stainless steel hinges. A good corporate image and advanced production technology are the guarantee of our sales volume. You are welcome to shop. For more information on stainless steel hinges, please contact us Yongkang Lingxiang Metal Products Co., Ltd.