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How to choose door hinges?

Time:2022-05-27 09:50:28

Unfold a hinge horizontally, the hinge neither does not move nor falls down at once, but slides down slowly, such a hinge is not difficult to close, and it will not hit the door against the door frame. , is a good hinge.

Good hinges are made of brass and stainless steel. Generally, the yellower the brass hinge, the better, which indicates that the copper content is high. Poor hinges cut corners and fall short of standards in terms of size and thickness. The thickness of good hinges is about 3 mm, and the thickness of poor hinges is relatively thin. The hinge with good sealing performance should be selected, and it is flexible and convenient to open and close and pull it several times when purchasing.

The length and width of door hinges on the market are not particularly standard, there are slightly larger ones, it doesn’t matter; the most important thing is the thickness of the hinge, which must be thick enough (>3mm), it is best to measure it with a caliper, because its The thickness not only determines its strength, but also implies whether it is high-grade, whether it is really stainless steel.

Specifications refer to the dimensions of length x width x thickness after the door hinge is opened. Generally, the length and width are calculated in inches, such as 4"x4", that is, length 100mmX width 100mm. The thickness is generally calculated in millimeters, such as 3mm. General household wooden doors choose 4mm or 100mm long; the width depends on the thickness of the door, 40mm thick doors are matched with 3" or 75mm wide; the thickness is calculated according to the weight of the door, light, hollow, one person cannot lift it. If you are strenuous, use 2.5mm thick, solid ones, and 3mm thick ones for heavier ones.