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Features of damping hinges

Time:2022-05-27 00:00:00

The characteristic of the damping hinge is that it can avoid the noise generated when closing, and truly eliminates noise interference. Its pioneering technology in the industry completely shows the concept of environmental protection design. Through the hydraulic buffer technology, the door starts to close slowly at 60, reducing the impact force.

    Its principle and structure are similar to the shape of the old-fashioned pump. This type of hydraulic hinge is composed of a set of shaft sleeve telescopic rods, with a spring and a hydraulic chamber inside. The hydraulic chamber is divided into two chambers by a piston, and one chamber is filled with high-quality damping oil. , has good viscosity and fluidity; one chamber is compressed air, and the piston has a liquid flow channel. When this part is extended, it is acted by a spring, and when it is retracted, it is buffered by a hydraulic chamber to bear external loads.

    How can the effect of damping be summarized as: ① Damping helps to reduce the resonance amplitude of the mechanical structure, so as to avoid the structure damage caused by the vibration stress reaching the limit; ② Damping helps the mechanical system to quickly return to a stable state after being subjected to an instantaneous impact ; ③ Damping helps to reduce sound radiation caused by mechanical vibration and reduce mechanical noise. ④ Working in dynamic environment requires high shock resistance and dynamic stability, and its dynamic performance can be greatly improved through various damping treatments.

    Requirements for damping oil: (1) The viscosity-temperature curve is stable. Within the operating temperature range required by customers, the viscosity fluctuation of damping oil should be very small. Generally, customers control the buffering time within 4 seconds.

    (2) High cleanliness. Because the flow channel of the liquid in the hydraulic chamber is very small, if the cleanliness of the grease is not high, it is easy to cause the channel to block and cannot be buffered; therefore, from a microscopic point of view, the cleanliness of the grease should be as high as possible. The solid particles contained must be very small in diameter.

    (3) The concentration is high and the specific gravity is large, but the viscosity index should not be too large. This structure does not simply rely on the viscosity of the damping oil to buffer, but blindly increases the viscosity index of the damping oil, but it will cause the valve plate and the sleeve to be easily bonded together. Negative effects of inability to move relative. In addition, the higher the viscosity, the poorer the low temperature resistance of the damping oil, so it is also unreasonable.

    ⑷ Strong anti-oxidation ability and long service life. Generally, the fatigue test of this kind of buffer should be done at least 100,000 times. If the damping oil is easy to age and cannot maintain the original characteristics for a long time, then the product will not be able to maintain a consistent buffer effect. .